An experiment by the font scientists at Pretend Foundry in collaboration with the creative people at Fuzzco.

It started by asking a simple, possibly dumb, question: "Can a font be people?"

The creative minds got to work, and invented a rule-breaking method for constructing people using a type-able format.

Sometimes, in order to create, one must abandon the rules.
How it Works
Firstly, take a look at our handy guide.

TLDR: Your keyboard has three rows of letters, Typeople have three rows of parts. Just look at this:
Row 1 (Heads) →
Row 2 (Bodies) →
Row 3 (Legs) →
Make sense? Great.
Font Sampler by Johannes Neumeier, Underscore Type

Special thanks to Anthony Bruno for his JS wizardry.

Website type, Puget by Pretend Foundry
Now, if you've made it this far, and nothing is making sense, our scientists suggest you simply download and install the font and experiment on your own.

Good luck, and tag us (@fuzzco) in your creations.

"what if type, were people?"